The Band

Nattfrossa is a Swedish folklore-metal group with female soprano vocals as well as a clean male voice.

Nattfrossa was formed in late -95 by two members of the death/black metal band Dimness namely X-Ray Alex and Andy E. Those two wanted to play blackmetal with operistic vocals. And so they did for a while, until X-Ray Alex questioned Andy if he«d rather play black metal with folklore influences. Andy thought it was a splendid idea and the two pioneers composed a lot of music and writing lyrics about witches, trolls, goblins and so on.

The line-up at this time was: X-Ray Alex - guitars, backing grunts and Andy E. - lead vocals, bass, drum programming. Right after the new year Nattfrossa realized that they needed a drummer, a really fast drummer. So they talked to Martin H.O.S. (high on speed), the drummer of Dimness and he came with an excellent idea; Martin could play second guitar and Henning Stonehammer of Belial from recently split-up Omen could torture the drums. Also, Andy and X-Ray thought it would be cool with a female vocalist and the good thing was that a class mate to Henning had a voice as pure as the frost of the nite. The girl was Anna.

This line-up lasted for some time until the drum parts got to complicated even for mighty Stonehammer of Belial. The only recordings from this era are low quality rehearsal tapes. So Nattfrossa was looking for a drummer again.

During a concert that Dimness played in Kista together with Somber, Andy got the idea of asking the Somber drummer Olle if he was interested to start rehearsing with Nattfrossa. He said that he could test drumming a couple of times and then see if he was willing to continue with Nattfrossa. He did continue and he was good. He didn«t grind fast though, instead he had his speed in his double bass-drumming and fill-ins. As Somber play melodic death metal the drums in Nattfrossa changed too. It was more grungy now and slower too.

During the summer Nattfrossa decided to kick Olle out of the band, basically because of the grungy ness and that he couldn«t deal with the 3/4 and 6/8 drumming properly. The summer passed and no new drummer was found and also a lot of music was written so Nattfrossa decided to record their first demo with computer drums. Said and done Nattfrossa«s first demo "En stilla dag vid Šlven" (a calm day by the river) was started recording Friday the 13 th of September 1996. With 5 songs and an outro the total running time is 42 min!

The music was a mix of black metal and scandinavian folk music with clean male and female vocals. This recording was for sale to the public and by some reason we didn«t send it to any record company. In the beginning of 1997 we hooked up with a new drummer; Evil Emil. This mighty drummer has the speed of a bullet and the feeling of frost in his fingers. To cut it short, he«s one helluva drummer. He started rehearsing with us and everything was perfect, so in April we started the recording of the second demo entitled: "Barnarov" (Child prey). A 27 minute travel back to medieval times.

At this time we had ditched the black metal influences and instead we headed for a folk music/heavy metal mix. The response from the fans was good and most people saw the second demo as an improvement from the first. Nattfrossa has only done two live shows. The first one was at Viksjš TrŠffen and one of our to come most loyal fan was there; MŠrsta Micke. The gig went really good for being the first one for us. A lot of friends were there who showed us their support. The second gig was at D.A.S. in Bro. It was lousy sound because the black metal band that "played" before us screwed up the guitar sound. Anyway Ozzy Oskar and MŠrsta Micke were there and banged their heads. As well as Linus "Dusk" Ekstrom from Siebenburgen, Dimness, Into Desolation who came up on stage and gave a grim black metal scream.

In June 1997 Andy had to do the military service way up in the north of Sweden. This made it more complicated for the band to rehearse as often as usual. Thing started to go worse for the band.

In late 1997 Anna was kicked out of the band because thinks were not working out at the rehearsals. Nattfrossa was again looking for a member. Different female singers were tried out. One of them by the name of Malin seemed to be an excellent singer. Unfortunately she got pregnant and never got a chance the sing with the band.

At last the band found a talented female singer and the band could carry on for a while. Her name was also Anna and had some experience as a singer in a church-choir. The band started to write and rehearse material for a third demo.

In early 1998 Evil Emil decides to leave the band. According to Emil himself, the reason was that Nattfrossa wasn´t getting anywhere. Now Nattfrossa had a problem with a missing drummer again.

After a few month after the tragic news the band decided to make the third demo with machine-drums. The demo is almost done.